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6 ways to take care of me and be productive

As a VA, I work from home and because of that it seems I am working all the time and in the process;

  • I will grab a quick/fast breakfast
  • Work straight through lunch
  • Skipping snacks
  • Trying to finish one more task, therefore, eating a late lunch and end up eating something small since it will be dinner time soon
  • Eating at my desk and in front of my laptop while reading emails
  • Not getting personal things done or spending enough time with my family
  • Working late at night and not getting enough sleep/rest








I realized I am not taking care of me. So now I am treating myself like a kid – like my kids. The rules we have set for them now also apply to me.

1. I tell my kids to eat your snacks and drink lots of water

For me: I put my snacks and glass of water on my desk before turning on my laptop

2. I tell my kids no screen time when you are doing homework

For me: TV is always off when I am working

3. I tell my kids no eating meals in front of the TV/screen

For me: I turn off my laptop and eat lunch in the dining room

4. I tell my kids to finish your homework and then play

For me: I finish all my day’s work tasks first before doing other things

5. I tell my kids no screen time between 5 pm and 8 pm

For me: My laptop is off and I do not check my phone during this time – this is family time

6. I tell my kids to go to bed early so they are well rested for the next day

For me: I make sure I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night


This year is all about #selfcare and so far it is working well.